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This year we will be offering an offsite course courtesy of Fairfax County Joint Police and Fire Training Cadre”

  • First come first served basis, for whoever is registered and PAID for the conference

  • 60 students per day

  • ALERRT is not providing the certificates for this training

Fairfax County Paramilitary Attack Counter-Offensive Plan (PACOP)

This off site break out session will introduce the students to the Fairfax County Paramilitary Attack Counter-Offensive Plan (PACOP) response program. The course is designed as a four hour, hands on overview of the tactics and training used in Fairfax County. Students will participate in tactical movement and live fire training drills that demonstrate rapid deployment to a threat, communication under fire, open field tactical movement, and joint police and fire/EMS response. This session is a brief overview of the fifty hour PACOP instructor course, so it will not provide a certification. However, students will be exposed to all aspects of the program and instructors can provide additional resources if requested.  The main instructors for the program are as follows: Brian Ruck (FCPD), Shawn Adcock (FCPD), Thomas Skowronski (FCPD), Andrew Napieralski (FCPD), David Faulk (FCPD), Anthony Depoto (Herndon, VA  PD), Scott Taylor (FCFD), Evelyn Edwards (FCPD), Kerri Bouse (FCFD), and the rest of the Fairfax County Police and Fire Rescue Training Cadre.

Days: Friday October 7th or Saturday October 8th


Class Size: 60 students per day

(Must be an even split of 30 law enforcement and 30 fire/EMS/ medical)

Length: 7:30am pick-up for the students at the Gaylord with a return arrival at 2:00pm

Taught by: TBA

If you are registered for the conference, have paid, and are interested in signing up for this class, please email with your name, invoice number, and agency name.

Register for these class when you sign up for the 2022 ALERRT Conference.

Stephanie Brown | Conference Coordinator

Texas State University | Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training


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