The 2017 ALERRT Active Shooter Integrated Response Conference is the only national conference bridging the law enforcement, Fire and EMS responses to active shooter events.  This 8th annual conference will merge the three disciplines (Police, Fire and EMS) to help build local, regional, state and national active shooter response preparedness. We have assembled some of the best international instructors and presenters who will be sharing debriefs, best practices and lessons learned from headline-grabbing national and international critical incidents.  

Integrated response best practices from small, medium and large agencies will be shared along with proven plans to create and establish your own integrated program. Along with hotel breakout classes and debriefs, the 2017 ALERRT Conference will offer an opportunity for Police, Fire and EMS personnel to train together and be introduced to Rescue Task Force (RTF) and integrated response concepts during hands-on training classes.

The 2017 Conference Vendor and Trade Show will showcase the latest equipment, supplies and technology for first responders across all disciplines. 


Since 2002, we have trained more than 105,000 law enforcement officers in 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia in the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) ™standard for active shooter response, primarily through federal and state funding. In 2013, the FBI named ALERRT their national standard for active shooter response, and partnered with us to help deliver this training across the nation.  Major metro agencies from New York PD to Honolulu PD have adopted the ALERRT standard and many states have made the ALERRT courses part of their standard academy curriculum.

For more information, visit www.alerrt.org.