2018 Speaker Bios

Breakout and General Assembly Speakers

Mark Adams is an Officer with the Pasadena Police Department for over 13 years. Prior to being a police officer, Mark served four years in the United States Marine Corps from 1996 to 2000 and graduated from Texas A&M University in 2003. Mark is a member of the Crisis Negotiation Team and serves as a Field Training Officer for the Pasadena Police Department.

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Program Director of the new ACGME approved emergency medicine residency at the Sunrise Consortium, located in Las Vegas Nevada.

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Mark Anderson  |  Full-Spectrum Preparedness - Thinking Beyond the Obvious

Mark Anderson is a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Bellevue (WA) Fire Department and has 28 years of experience as an emergency responder in the Seattle metro area. He has been working at the local, regional, state and national levels on homeland security planning and preparedness issues since 1998. He is a founding member of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC), and serves on its guidelines committee and international outreach workgroup. Since 2009, his primary areas of focus have been on active shooter and complex coordinated terrorism attack preparedness, operational medicine and rescue, and intelligence fusion.


Eric A. Bank, LP, NRP, graduated from the EMS management program at Hahnemann University in 1996, working as a paramedic in the region until 2000. In 2000 moving back to Texas, he worked as a paramedic at West Harris County (Texas) EMS, and became EMS director in 2002. In late 2009, he became assistant chief of EMS at Harris County Emergency Services District 48 An active research participant in pre-hospital medicine with a focus on trauma care.. He also serves as the Co- Chair for the South East Regional Advisory Council’s Trauma Committee.

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Tau Braun  |  Active Attacker Prevention + Response for Law Enforcement and First Responders

Dr. Tau Braun is a thought leader and eminent speaker on Violence Prevention and Response. As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Braun focused on integrative psychology and wellness. Post 9/11, Dr. Braun began to narrow his research and practice to understanding the causes of violence, the prevention and response to violence, and crisis psychology. As a Violence Prevention Specialist and Threat Management professional, he now advises and trains educational institutions, healthcare facilities, corporations, and government organizations in Violence Prevention Strategies, including Threat Management; Mass Casualty Attack Prevention, Preparedness, and Response; Crisis Response; and Counterterrorism. Dr. Tau Braun’s epistemological, humanistic, systems-based approach offers a compassionate, scientific, optimistic, and mindful solution to complex issues. He makes a strong case to see violence as a public health issue, not a criminal-justice one, and to be proactive and adaptive in our response. He believes that it is the most ethical approach, and also the only option that is viable, sustainable, and in sync with a rapidly changing world.

Dr. Braun regularly presents at global conferences, notably, FEMA Active Shooter Preparation for Higher Education, the National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference, Master The Disaster, CBRAC Violence Prevention Symposium, the Preparedness Summit, INTERCEP Urgent Threat Forum, ACI-NA Airport Collaborative: Crisis Management Workshop, California Department of Public Health - EMSA Emergency Preparedness Training Workshop, Indiana Department of Education School Safety Training, Men in Nursing Conference, and the California Tactical Officers Association (CATO) Conference.

Dr. Braun serves as an advisor to Safe and Sound Schools (A Sandy Hook Initiative), Firestorm's Crisis and Emergency Management Expert Council, the RANE Network, and Metropolitan Healthcare Security Directors Association (MHSDA).

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Chief Walter Braun is a 33-year veteran of Texas law enforcement. He has been serving as the Chief of Police for the Santa Fe ISD Police Department since 2008. Chief Braun previously retired from the City of Galveston Police Department with the rank of Captain. Chief Braun holds a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Leadership, and is a graduate of the 223rd Session of the FBI National Academy, as well as the Leadership Command College #58, of the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas.


Paul Brooks is an EMS Program Manager with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office, Operational EMS Support Branch. He is currently leading DHS’ efforts to improve survivability in active shooter events through a more integrated response among first responders.  Mr. Brooks is also the program manager for the national Stop the Bleed campaign.


Prior to joining federal service, Paul has worked as a firefighter/paramedic in both career and volunteer departments, and has practiced EMS in volunteer, commercial, and hospital-based EMS systems throughout the Northeast and Virginia. He was the first Deputy Commander of the Connecticut Disaster Medical Assistance Team (CT-1 DMAT), as well as the Lead Paramedic in the tactical medical support program for the Connecticut Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He serves in the United States Navy Reserve as a Senior Chief Petty Officer. Paul has a BA in Homeland Security and has been a paramedic since 1987.

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Branden Clarkson  |  October 1, 2017 Las Vegas Shooting

Sergeant Branden Clarkson has been a member for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in Las Vegas Nevada for the past 12 years.  His experience includes Supervisor of the Field Training Program, Detective Sergeant of the Gang Crimes Bureau and Sergeant of the Office of Community Engagement. He is currently assigned to the Organizational Development Bureau Multi Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities Section (MACTAC) where he coordinates training with the first responding agencies of the Las Vegas Valley.

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Mike Clumpner  |  Active Shooter Command and Control: Beyond the 60-Minute Mark

Dr. Mike Clumpner is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Threat Suppression, a public safety consulting firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a 26-year veteran of public safety, with 23 years’ experience as a career firefighter/paramedic serving on busy fire companies Mike is currently a fire captain and acting battalion chief with the Charlotte Fire Department where he is assigned to a busy ladder company responding to more than 3,300 emergency calls a year. Mike is also a sworn law enforcement officer, and has spent the last eight years assigned to a full time SWAT team with a large law enforcement agency.

Mike has spent more than 13,000 hours researching active shooter events and terrorist attacks. Mike actively serves in leadership roles on 15 local, state, and federal active shooter workgroups and taskforces. Mike also serves as a principal member of NFPA 3000: Active Shooter/Hostile Event Code Committee. Mike has providing consulting and training for the Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and more than 750 other government agencies.

Mike has undergraduate degrees in fire science, paramedicine, and business administration. He has a master’s degree in business administration from Elon University and a PhD in homeland security policy from Northcentral University. Mike authored the world’s first and only doctoral dissertation on the subject of integrated active shooter response. Mike has authored numerous textbooks and journal articles, and he has presented at 300 conferences on four continents

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Joshua Comitale  |  Case Study in Pre-Hospital Care (use of a tourniquet) / Mindset (winning the fight)

Joshua Comitale is a ten-year veteran of the Troy Police Department currently assigned to the Detective Bureau. He is a certified general topics, chemical agent and firearms instructor, and also a departmental Medal of Honor and Purple Heart recipient as well as the New York State Chiefs of Police Medal of Honor and the US Congressional Badge of Bravery.

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As a 15 year paramedic in central Texas, Katie Contreras has recently moved into a full-time training position at her home department, while teaching with Austin Community College and The ALERRT Center at Texas State University as Adjunct Faculty. Her fascination with trauma and the bleeding control initiative began shortly after taking a TCCC/TMP class, where heavy emphasis was placed on stopping preventable losses. Her position over Community Relations/Social Media has allowed her to share this information with the public while working to educate them on bleeding control and empower them to take action in an emergency. Katie is currently pursuing a degree in Emergency and Disaster Management through Columbia College (South Carolina).

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Major William Davis currently serves in the Harford County Maryland Sheriff's Office as Chief of the Police Operations Bureau. In this position, Major Davis is responsible for all the patrol, investigative and tactical duties of the Office. Prior to his appointment within the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, Major Davis was the Assistant Director of Public Safety at the Community College of Baltimore County. Major Davis is a former District Commander (major) and 25 year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department. As District Commander, he was responsible for the day to day management and oversight of the Department's Southeast District. Major Davis holds a Master’s of Science in Management from The Johns Hopkins University and is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police (PERF/SMIP). Major Davis is also a faculty member at The Johns Hopkins University in the Division of Public Safety Leadership.

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Brian Dillon specialises in crisis management; specifically, incident management and contingency planning. He previously presented at the 2016 ALERRT Conference.

Between 1985 and 2016 he served in the Metropolitan Police Service, (New Scotland Yard), London U.K. Brian was the operational head of the Specialist Firearms Command (2011-2014) and the U.K. Commander on the European ATLAS Counter-Terrorism Specialist Intervention network (2012-2015).

In his last role as Detective Chief Superintendent (2015-2016) he led the U.K. government's National Counter-Terrorism Exercise Programme and tested all levels of the emergency and specialist response to terrorism; in particular marauding armed assaults.

Brian has a comprehensive appreciation of the U.K. and European multi-agency response to major incidents. His particular interests include an emphasis on interoperability, command, communication and collaboration with corporate security.

Brian is a frequent speaker and writer on security issues including contributing to the US Inter-Agency Board's 2016 Active Shooter & Hostile Event Guide.

His consultancy work spans a range of clients including police, government and private sector (sporting, retail, financial services and defence).


Bio Not Available

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Wayne Freeman  |  Active Attack Training for Dispatchers and Keeping the Lost Alive

Wayne Freeman has been in law enforcement for 23 years and is the South Carolina Active Shooter Training Coordinator. He is a Special Agent with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, and supervises the state active shooter training program. Past assignments include: special operations, firefighter, EMT, SWAT, medic, tactical flight officer, explosives K-9 handler, bloodhound tracking team, hazardous materials response, fugitive operations, DARE Officer, school resource officer, and others.

His active shooter experience includes: SCAASCAT Instructor, ALERRT 1 Instructor, ALERRT 2 Instructor, LASER Instructor, PACOP Instructor, MACTAC, CRASE Instructor, NTOA Active Shooter Instructor, GTI Immediate Action Team, Blue Line Active Shooter Response, ALICE Instructor, ERASE Instructor, and several other programs. He has trained more than 50,000 students in active shooter response and is the author of the South Carolina active shooter training manual.

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James Geracci is a Vice President/Chief Medical Officer for Ascension Healthcare Texas/Seton Family of Hospitals. He is responsible for strategy development and operational oversight of all aspects of healthcare delivery at Seton Medical Center Williamson to ensure achievement of Ascension’s “quadruple aim” of delivering high-quality care, improved clinical outcomes, better patient and provider experiences, and lower overall cost of care consistent with the organizations mission, vision, and values.
Jim is a senior physician executive with more than 26 years of healthcare leadership experience in the largest and most complex healthcare enterprise in the world (the United States Army). He retired at the rank of Colonel and has led military healthcare teams at all levels including as medical director of multiple large clinics, as department chief for the military’s largest primary care department, and as chief medical officer for an Army Division and Corps. Jim is a proven effects-oriented leader experienced in building, developing, and leading multidisciplinary teams capable of planning and executing comprehensive health services support in the most complex environments including assignments and combat deployments to Bosnia, Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 
A disruptive innovator, Jim has effectively driven and led organizational change from both the bottom up and the top down in an institution known for bureaucracy. Serving as Director of Prehospital Trauma Care for the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) Joint Trauma System, Senior Combat Capability Developer for the Army Medical Department, Consultant to the Army Surgeon General for Operational and Deployment Medicine, and on the DoD’s Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, he helped to transform military medicine into a true learning healthcare system ensuring hard-learned lessons of the past 17 years of war have not been lost but rather codified in doctrine and policy.
A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Jim’s education includes degrees/certifications from Arizona State University, Uniformed Services University School of Medicine, US Army Command and General Staff College, and both University of Pennsylvania/Wharton and University of Texas/McCombs Schools of Business. He is certified by the American Board of Family Physicians and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Among his military awards are the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Air Medal, and the Order of Military Medical Merit. Jim has authored numerous scholarly articles/book chapters and presented lectures both nationally and internationally on various professional topics. He and his wife, Kristie, have been married for more than 25 years and have three sons. After living and working around the world, home is Austin, Texas.

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Bill Godfrey  |  ASIM How To: LE Tactical and EMS Triage/Transport

WILLIAM “BILL” GODFREY retired as Chief of the Deltona (FL) Fire Department after 25 years in the fire service. He is the CEO and an Instructor for C3 Pathways, a public safety training, exercise, and consulting firm. He has an MBA with additional degrees in public administration and EMS management, is a paramedic, and fire instructor III. Bill is as a full-time instructor and curriculum developer for several DHS-certified national curricula, including Active Shooter Incident Management, Active Threat Integrated Response Course, and Complex Coordinated Attacks. He is the lead instructor for Active Shooter Incident Management, and along with the C3 team has delivered more than 60 classes and trained more than 3,000 students conducting more than a thousand active shooter exercise scenarios. Bill is a frequent national speaker, researcher, and participates in numerous national active shooter work groups.

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Lisa Hamp  |  Lessons Learned from Survivors of Columbine High School and Virginia Tech

Lisa Hamp is a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting that took place on April 16, 2007.  With her classmates, she built a barricade to prevent the shooter from entering their classroom. She struggled for a long time after the shooting.  Eight years later, she sought counseling and began her recovery. Today, Lisa speaks and writes about her experience surviving and recovering from the Virginia Tech shooting to help others. She shares a raw and powerful personal story, as well as lessons learned from Virginia Tech Tragedy, to first responders, psychologists, counselors, teachers, students, and many others. Her work has been published in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Campus Safety Magazine, and the Domestic Preparedness Journal. Lisa has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Virginia Tech, a Master’s degree in Operations Research from George Mason University, and a Master’s degree in Economics from John Hopkins University.

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Diana Hendricks  |  Resilience and Recovery:Working with the Media and Your Community in the Aftermath of an Active Attack

Diana Hendricks has been the Director of Communications for the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University since its inception. The veteran journalist and award- winning writer brings a unique voice to the important Don’t Name Them active shooter response media campaign, and proven experience with national and regional press and public information offices. She holds a Master of Arts from Texas State, and, in her free time, writes about Texas Music and Culture. Her most recent release is a music biography. Delbert McClinton: One Of The Fortunate Few (Texas A&M University Press, 2017).


Andrew Huitt is a practicing Texas Licensed Paramedic since 1998 serving in the nations eleventh largest city municipal EMS department holding the rank of  Clinical Specialist and a credentialed advanced life support provider.

His service includes 10 years as a Rescue Paramedic in EMS Special Operations conducting high risk rescues in 15 areas of operations, multiple federal disaster declaration deployments with Texas Task Force 1 as a Helicopter Search and Rescue Technician, Water Rescue Technician and Small Boat Operator.

He is a Tactical Combat Casualty Care Medical Provider (TCCC-MP) and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Instructor delivering education to first responders nationally as an adjunct instructor with Texas State University ALERRT program including the First Responder Medical Instructor Course (FRMIC), Active Attacker Integrated Response (AAIR) Course, Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) Course, Advanced Medical Skills Course (AMSC). 


Bio Not Available

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Tom is a School Safety Specialist II and serves as the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Training Coordinator for the Texas School Safety Center, at Texas State University in San Marcos. During the last 10 + years Tom has provided training, guidance and technical assistance to schools in the areas of safety, security, emergency operations, safety and security auditing, playground safety, and best practices in school safety and security. Tom has over 30 years of experience working with schools and public entities in the areas of risk management, safety, and emergency management.


For nearly a decade, Mr. Keyes has represented The "I Love U Guys" Foundation to districts, departments, agencies and organizations regarding school safety. Prior to that, his career has spanned graphic design, communications, writing, software and database development. The death of his daughter, Emily, at the hands of a gunman at Platte Canyon High School compelled Mr. Keyes to bring his professional expertise to the arena of school safety.

Today, Mr. Keyes is an internationally sought keynote speaker not just in the arena of school safety but often presents to law enforcement-only audiences.

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Mark Kittelson  |  Route 91 Incident in Las Vegas

Bio Not Available

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FBI Special Agent Michelle Lee received her undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri in 1990.  Thereafter she obtained her J.D. from St. Louis University School Law, St. Louis, Missouri, and became a member of the Missouri Bar.  SA Lee was previously employed at the Jefferson County Missouri Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, St. Louis, Missouri.After joining the FBI in 1998, SSA Lee was first assigned to the Dallas Division and worked White Collar Crime, Environmental Crime, and Counterterrorism investigations.  SA Lee transferred to the San Antonio FBI in 2003 and became the Supervisor of San Antonio’s first Field Intelligence Group (FIG) in January 2005.   In June of 2013, SA Lee was appointed Media Coordinator, San Antonio FBI, which includes oversight of the Public Affairs and Congressional Affairs programs for the division.


Dr. Hunter Martaindale is ALERRT's Director of Research where he is responsible for maintaining ALERRT’s ongoing research agenda. Hunter earned his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Texas State University in 2016. Hunter actively researches active shooter events, tactical police training, and the effects of stress on law enforcement decision-making. He has published a book on room entry techniques and a number of refereed academic articles and reports on active shooter events and police tactics.


As a survivor of the Columbine shootings in April of 1999, Heather (Egeland) Martin shares her powerful story and the varying impacts of trauma to educators, law enforcement, first responders, and students around the country. After graduating, Heather enrolled in college, but eventually dropped out as a result of the trauma she experienced. 10 years after the shooting, after returning to Columbine High School for the anniversary, Heather began her journey to recovery. Today, Heather is a high school English teacher in Aurora, Colorado, and the CEO of The Rebels Project, a non-profit dedicated to supporting survivors of mass trauma.


Jeremy Mothershed | Advanced Granite Active Shooter Case & The Development and Deployment of a Rescue Task Force

Jeremy Mothershed is a Senior Deputy Sheriff with the Harford County Sheriff Office in Maryland where he has been employed for over 21 years. Jeremy is currently assigned to the Special Operations Division K-9 unit where he and his partner assist other agency units and divisions with Patrol and Narcotic detection. Secondarily, Jeremy serves in the capacity as the Tactical Medic Coordinator for the agencies Special Response Team (SRT). Jeremy is also an Instructor for the agency for their Law Enforcement Emergency Medical Care Course (LEEMCC).

Outside of the Law Enforcement arena Jeremy is also a Nationally Registered Paramedic and Maryland Licensed Paramedic. Jeremy serves as a Volunteer Paramedic and has held the positions of EMS Chief, Assistant Chief, and Captain to name a few. He currently serves as the Harford County Chairman for the Rescue Task Force group. Jeremy is a NAEMT TCCC and TECC Instructor and is also adjunct faculty for the Community College of Baltimore County, Maryland as well as faculty for the Maryland Fire Rescue Institute.

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Julie Parker  |  Active Shooter at Police Headquarters Leads to Friendly Fire Death of Undercover Officer

Media Relations Bureau Director, Fairfax County Police Dept. Sept. 2016-Present
Media Relations Division Director, Prince George's County Police Dept. June 2011-May 2016
Reporter, ABC7 News, Washington, DC Sept. 2002-June 2011
Reporter/Anchor, NewsChannel 8, Washington, DC January 1998 -Sept. 2002

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Carly Posey  |  School Safety - Lessons Learned from Sandy Hook

Carly Posey is an advocate for school safety. During the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting on December 14, 2012, the shooter entered her son’s first grade classroom. After shooting his teacher and a student, the shooter stopped to reload, Carly’s son ran out of the classroom to the fire station nearby. Her fourth-grade daughter remained hidden in an art room office at the Sandy Hook School. Her two other children were at the intermediate school in Newtown - in lockdown for 5 hours.
Carly shares her story to first help prevent tragedies then to help individuals and communities prepare for and respond to traumatic events.
She has worked with and spoke to school communities around the country to help prepare and prevent the unthinkable. She was the executive director for Safe2Tell Colorado for two years. She is currently working for The “I Love U Guys” Foundation. Carly also travels across the county to share her story to motivate and inspire others to be active in school safety.
Carly, her husband Dave, and four children moved to Parker, Colorado on December 15, 2012 where she advocates for a proactive approach to school safety, both mental and physical.


Bill Sandel  |  ALERRT Research

Bill Sandel is the Research Specialist at ALERRT and a fifth year doctoral student at Texas State University. Mr. Sandel has worked at ALERRT for five years and in that time he has helped develop and execute many research projects to further ALERRT’s mission to provide research-based training. Some of these projects include the 21-foot rule, use of force perceptions, bio-factors and skill degradation, distraction, low light entry and distraction, door locks, ballistics, blue on blue, and several others. He has presented active shooter data and ALERRT research at four national conferences.


Bio Not Available

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Oren Wacht |  My Personal Experience in Treating Active Shooter and Terror Events in Israel as a Paramedic

Oren Wacht PhD, EMT-P, is the head of the Bachelor degree for paramedics in Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. Oren is also a paramedic in the national EMS system and army reserve for the last 15 years and combines his field experience in teaching and research. Oren is an adviser for the Israeli ministry of health in pre hospital emergency medicine and outcomes measures.

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Jeffery Walters |  Philip Barbour High School Barricade Hostage De-brief

Chief Walters started his career in Law Enforcement in 1995. Chief Walters graduated the West Virginia State Police Academy April 19th, 1996 with a GPA of 3.5. Chief Walters worked Patrol after the Academy and made multiple misdemeanor and felony arrests. In 1999 after completing the FBI Instructor Development course, became the department training coordinator. Chief Walters continued patrol until 2005 when he was promoted to Sergeant and became a patrol and investigation supervisor. One highlight during this time was that after the County prosecuting attorney requested Chief Walters to personally investigate a double homicide, he made two arrests that led to two convictions for Homicide 1. In 2007 Chief Walters, after completing the ALERRT Instructor course became a Response to Active Shooter/ Barricade Hostage instructor. Chief Walters was able to make sure that all the first responders, in all the departments in the county were trained in ALERRT. In 2013 Chief Walters was promoted to Chief of Police after a short time as interim chief. In May of 2016 Chief Walters won the Officer of the month award from the National Law Enforcement Officers fund for successfully negotiating the release of 29 hostages being held hostage at gunpoint by a freshman student in a class room at a local High School. Chief Walters traveled to Washington D.C. to receive the award during National Police Week. Since then Chief Walters has traveled all over the country to give presentations on this incident. Chief Walters continues his duties as Chief of Police, and his department was the first LE agency to implement Body Worn Cameras in the State.

Physician Track Speakers

Dr. Andrew Cap is a hematologist conducting basic and translational research on coagulation system function and cellular therapy products for use in trauma and burn care. His mission is to lead the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research Coagulation and Blood Research Group. He also serves as a staff Hematologist-Oncologist at the San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC), as a core faculty member its Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Program, as Program Director for the Clinical Investigation Fellowship Program and as an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Uniformed Services University. He is a board certified internist and hematologist-oncologist and serves as hematology and blood products subject matter expert advisor to the Joint Trauma System (JTS), US Pacific Command, and the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

Organizational Human Performance Consultant, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Todd Conklin earned a Doctorate in Organizational Behavior and Culture from the University of New Mexico. Dr. Conklin advises clients on advanced safety programs for high-risk productions and assists in post-failure restorations.

Richard P. Dutton, MD, MBA earned his BA from Harvard University in 1983, his MD from Tufts University School of Medicine in 1987, and an MBA at the University of Maryland in 2001. He completed his residency in anesthesiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston in 1991, and then served as an attending anesthesiologist at the National Naval Medical Center while on active duty in the
United States Navy.

In 2009, Dr. Dutton was named the first Executive Director of the American Society of Anesthesiologist’s Anesthesia Quality Institute, and launched the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry. In 2015, Dr. Dutton left the ASA to become the first Chief Quality Officer for United States Anesthesia Partners. Dr. Dutton serves on numerous ASA and federal committees working to develop measures
for anesthesia performance, perioperative patient experience, and new models of healthcare, and continues to practice anesthesiology at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.

Professor, Department of Surgery
McGovern Medical School
UT Health - Houston

Professor/Clinical, Division of Trauma and Emergency Surgery
Associate Deputy Director, Military Health Institute
UT Health
San Antonio, Texas

Colonel Dr. Geoffrey Ling is an internationally recognized expert in brain health. In addition to his role in several start-up biotechnology companies, Dr. Ling is a Professor of Neurology and Attending Neuro-Critical Care Physician at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions; a Professor of Neurology, Director of the Neurotrauma Laboratory, and the founder of the Center for Military Clinical Neurosciences at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Science (USUHS). He is Vice-Chair of Research in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at Inova Fairfax Medical Center, Fairfax, VA, where he provides leadership for the research programs in neurosurgery, neurology and physical medicine rehabilitation.

Bio not available at this time.

Education & Training:
Doctor of Medicine and B.A.: University of Kansas, Kansas City, KS 
Intern and Residency, Internal Medicine: University of Kansas, Kansas City, KS 
Fellowship Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine: UTSW Medical School, Dallas, TX Board Certification:
American Board of Internal Medicine Certified Pulmonary Medicine
American Board of Internal Medicine Certified Critical Care Medicine

Executive Director
Brain Performance Institute
Dallas, Texas


Bio Not Available